An innovative Company

Promoting Innovations

  • With Tapentadol, we developed a novel analgesic which is the first member of the designated new pharmacological class MOR-NRI on the basis of its unique pharmacological profile with dual mechanism.
  • We invested 27% of our sales in research and development in 2013.
  • 25 issued European patents and 28 issued US-patents stress our effort to secure the product flow through innovations from our own research and development department.

About 60 years ago, Grünenthal was the first West German company to produce and distribute penicillin. A few years later, Tramal®, the world’s most prescribed pain medication with central effect and only one active ingredient, appeared on the market. In 2001, we developed and introduced the first patch for pain in Europe.

Grünenthal is always searching for innovative ways to treat pain better, more sustainably and with fewer side effects. Thus we invest 27% of our sales in research and development.

One example of our innovative research is the development of the INTAC® Technology, a novel tablet form which restricts manipulation due to its high mechanical stability and poor solubility and thus impedes drug abuse.