The Bradykinin Receptor

The Bradykinin-1 (B1) Receptor

Samples at the Laboratory

The bradykinin-1 (B1) receptor is an innovative target bridging our portfolio from pain to inflammation diseases. The B1 receptor belongs to the large group of G-protein coupled receptors and has been identified on some peripheral as well as central cell types. While dormant under normal physiological conditions the receptor expression is significantly upregulated under pathophysiological conditions e.g. after tissue damages and inflammation. As a consequence pain- and inflammation mediators are released partially potentiating the pathophysiological condition. This on/off behaviour makes the B1 receptor an interesting entry point for the treatment of chronic diseases with inflammation background.

Grünenthal is actively pursuing the discovery of novel antagonists selectively blocking the activation of the B1 receptor. These novel compounds may have large potential in the treatment of chronic inflammatory diseases and for the reduction of a variety of different pain conditions.